Our clients say it best. Here are some of our clients' perspective working with our company, in their own words…
Ron Howard, Director

“In 2019, I worked with the team at Aerial MOB on a documentary titled “Rebuilding Paradise” and a feature film titled “Hillbilly Elegy”, and I really enjoyed working with them on both projects! They are total professionals and they made it look pretty easy in terms of making my vision for the aerial shots a reality.”

Darius Khondji, Cinematographer

"I worked with the team at Aerial MOB on some very challenging drone work in Baja California for our film titled Limbo, and they delivered. Aerial MOB is very good when it comes to aerial drone cinematography, and our experience working with them over the course of two weeks under extremely tough conditions was no less than great!"

Bill Roe, Executive Producer/Director

"The team over at Aerial MOB have been helping us at The Rookie since the beginning. They are always up for the challenge of getting a great shot. We use them almost every episode and their aerial work always brings a dynamic and exciting element to our show."

Dan Kelley, Bidding Producer

“As a Bidding Producer at SMUGGLER, (a leading global production company), my job is to make sure our bids are accurate, represent value, and are producible. I bid with Aerial Mob because they are professional, responsive to their client’s needs, and they deliver top-notch service and execution.”

Jeff Valeri, UPM/Co-Producer

“I have worked with Aerial MOB on a few feature films over the last few years, most notably on Baby Driver back in 2016 and currently on Sweet Girl, and they always deliver! I highly recommend them for any film production that needs top-notch, professional drone cinematography!”

Kristen Ploucha, UPM/1st AD

“I have worked with Aerial Mob in the past few years on major feature films, including Venom and most recently Hillbilly Elegy this past summer. They are professional, do their homework, and always get the job done, even in the most challenging situations. They truly understand the aerial cinematography craft and their work looks amazing. A pleasure to work with.”

Igor Meglic, Feature Film 2nd Unit Director/DP

“Aerial MOB has worked on a couple of major projects of mine over the last couple years. They always deliver outstanding aerial drone cinematography!”


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