Cinema FPV

We offer the highest quality Cinema FPV (first-person view) camera movement in the industry. Cinema FPV is high-speed drone cinematography delivered in a small package with extremely high precision. It offers Directors and Cinematographers a new, unique camera perspective that is not deliverable with any other camera platform.

FPV Racer drones... fast paced and in your face.

Extremely dynamic, high impact aerial coverage in a smaller package and drone options capable of flying small 4K cameras, Go Pros, and even cinema class cameras like RED’s and Alexa Mini. Our FPV Tech Team can custom build and engineer the right set up for any shoot!

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FPV Heavy Lifter

  • Flies higher end, cinema class cameras like the RED Komodos
  • Approximately 14” in diameter and weights about 7 lbs (with camera as pictured)
  • Max flight speeds approaching 100 mph
  • Ability to achieve high speed, high energy cinema quality aerial footage

FPV Light Lifter

  • Flies smaller, more economical 4K cameras including the newest Go Pro 8
  • Approximately 8” in diameter and weights about 4 lbs (with camera as pictured)
  • Max flights speeds of 100 mph+
  • Ability to get in tight spaces to create amazing fast paced aerial imagery

Micro FPV

  • Flies very small HD/4K cameras
  • Less than 6’ in diameter and weighed in ounces
  • Max flight speeds of 100 mph+
  • Ability to fly indoors or outdoors to capture many types of intimate, first person view aerial shots

Meet our FPV Techs/Pilots

Tony Thompson

FPV Lead Tech / Lead Pilot View Reel / View IMDB Profile As the drone Industry hit the big screen legally in the eyes of the FAA (2014) Tony Thompson Piloted the very 1st Mission in the USA with our company. From then until now, he's flown cinema & racing drones in over 10 countries around the globe. His passion for flying began at a very young age and seems to be only building stronger. He became a full-scale airplane pilot at age 16. He became a remote Control pilot at an even younger age, and today he's pushing the limits of creative aerial cinematography by developing and using the latest in drone and camera technology. His credits, experience, and safety record working on large film shoots within the TV/Commercial/Film industry are second to none.

Malin Hiles

FPV Tech Manager / Pilot View Reel Combining 7 years of remote-control aircraft scratch-building experience, and a background in aerospace engineering, Malin develops industry-leading techniques and technologies to make Cinema FPV the director's ultimate cinematography tool. Malin is regarded as an industry leader in technical flying skills across aerial platforms ranging from FPV racing drones to 3D fixed-wing aerobatics, to a large scale fixed-wing aircraft.


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