Our Story

Aerial MOB has been a pioneer in the drone cinematography space for over 20 years combined. We were a part of the small group selected by the Motion Picture Association in 2013 to develop the first set of safety protocols and regulations with the FAA in order for drones to be used on closed film sets legally in the United States.

The Industry’s Most Trusted Aerial Drone Cinematography Company

Aerial MOB is an Emmy-awarded leading company in the film industry for drone cinematography rentals and services. Our nearly 15-year award-winning history includes being a part of the original group in 2012/2013 that worked with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to bring about the legal use of drones in the film industry in the United States. In addition to always offering our clients the latest in drone and camera technology for their aerial cinematography needs, Aerial MOB consists of an internal core production support team that handles all your production’s needs from the first call thru the final shot, and all is backed by the industry’s most talented, independent professional crews.


Los Angeles Office: 818.570.6840

Atlanta Office: 404.720.8164