Industry’s First Emmy® Award

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announces Technology and Engineering Award to Aerial MOB for considerable technological contributions to the television industry.

Aerial MOB, LLC, a leader in drone aerial cinematography technology, is being recognized with a prestigious, industry-first Emmy® Award for their contributions in drone cinematography technology by the National Awards Committee’s Technology and Engineering Achievment Committee. They will be honored with the award in April 2018 at the NAB Conference in Las Vegas.

“Aerial MOB is humbled, excited, and very honored to be receiving this recognition from the Committee that selects companies for a technical Emmy® Award. This is another first for our company” says Tony Carmean, Executive Producer and Co-Founder, Aerial MOB. “We very proud to be a part of the initial team that drafted the first FAA regulations for use of drones on closed film sets back in 2014. We work very hard to partner and collaborate with our clients in terms of safety and the regulatory climate, while continuing to push the envelope for drone cinematography and complimentary technologies. You can also expect to see some more exciting things on the horizon in terms of the expanded use of drones in the industry and other complimentary, related applications for the film production industry.”

“Screen actors are cited for Oscars and stage performers are similarly proud of their Tonys”, says Robert Seidel, Chairman of the Engineering and Technology Committee for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. “Members of the television industry are quick to add an Emmy® Award to their resume also – and with good reason. We award the Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award to companies such as Aerial MOB that are the ‘tool makers’ of the industry and have materially affected the Television viewing experience.”

Formed in 2012, Aerial MOB, along with 6 other companies and the Motion Picture Association of America, was the pioneer in the development of UAS safety standards for the initial Federal Aviation Administration regulations for commercial drone use in 2014. Now with this Emmy® Award, Aerial MOB becomes the first company ever to be recognized for a technical Emmy® Award for aerial drone cinematography work. The future is very bright for drone and related technology in film production, and Aerial MOB strives to continue to foster the adoption and integration of these technologies to enhance film production.