Drone World Expo – Interview with Tony Carmean

Drone World Expo

To find out what inspires their interest in UAS and attracts the Advisory Board Members to support Drone World Expo, we scheduled a series of exclusive interviews.

Our second interviewee is Tony Carmean, CMO & Founding Partner, Aerial MOB, LLC. Tony oversees all aspects of marketing and overall business development for the rapidly growing company. Before forming Aerial MOB with his Partners in early 2013, Tony’s career included a 19 years in the media industry with a successful track record in business development and sports marketing. Tony has a key role in developing the unmanned aerial cinematography side of the Aerial MOB business model and has been instrumental in the company’s successful bid to become one of the first companies to receive am FAA exemption for use of unmanned aircraft on scripted closed set film productions.

Question: Your background is in media, advertising, and sports marketing. What got you interested in UAS and aerial photography ?

Answer: A friend of mine who is now one of my business partners got involved with flying drones as a hobby about 7 or 8 years ago. He began showing me some of the aerial footage he was getting, and about 4 years ago, we began discussing business opportunities around the commercial use of drones.

Question: Tell us about Aerial Mob : When was it founded ? Was it doing aerial photography by helicopter before drones, or did it start out with drones

Answer: We were founded in early 2013 so we have been in business about 2 1/2 years. Our business model has always been and will continue to be 100% drone centric. Although we are known as the first company to get a 333 exemption for use of drones in film production, our company really is “all things drones”. We work in other industries like utilities and agriculture, and we also have a product development side of our business. If it has to do with drones, Aerial MOB is involved!

Question: What do you see as being the advantage(s) of using drones for aerial photography ?

Answer: Perspectives that you cannot capture with any other film production tools. Most people think we replace full size aircraft in film production. We can accomplish dollie, jib, crane, Russian Arm Car, and full size aircraft shots, and not only combine them into one continuous shot that cannot be achieved any other way, but we can do it quicker, more efficiently, and for an overall lower cost.

Question: Some people complain that the FAA is dragging its feet – others point out that they have a massive responsibility for air safety and that can’t be rushed. How do you see the FAA’s approach…?

Answer: We lean towards the latter. The FAA has a daunting task to integrate UAS (drones) into national airspace, and they have to take a measured, methodical approach to this integration. Safety is #1, so it is just going to take time to roll out the commercial use of drones in a safe manner.

Question: What do you see as being the main hurdles to be overcome on the path towards liberating the use of drones by aerial photographers…?

Answer: Technology that is currently being developed by companies like us that will make it safer to operate drones commercially. Technology like seek and avoid technology and geo fencing will help greatly.

Question: There’s been an explosion of interest in organising exhibitions and conferences about drones in the USA this year. Why did you choose to put your weight behind Drone World Expo ?

Answer: We have been and will continually be involved with a good number of events and conferences, but the Drone World Expo stands out given it’s emerging position as THE leading conference in the US that addresses all issues related to the business of drones.