MOVI Operations

In addition to being a leading innovator in the space of aerial drone cinematography, Aerial MOB also offers full Movi operations services. We carry a full line of FreeFly’s Movi’s including the M5, M10, and M15, and we have expert, professional cinematographers to operate them.

MOVI Systems

We offer full Movi services, including all equipment and operators, to cover smaller, DSLR class cameras all the way up to highly cinematic Alexa Mini set ups and everything in between.


Professional Cinema Payloads Including Red Dragons, Sony F55’s, and Alexa

Minis with All the Bells and Whistles

Fuller, Larger Camera Case to Accommodate Larger Cameras

Ultra Lightweight Construction

Dual Operator Mode



Middle of the Road Payload Capacity to Accommodate Cameras from Red Epics to Lightweight Sony a7’s

Fast and Simple Set Up

Ultra Lightweight Construction

Dual Operator Mode



Lighter DSLR Camera Payload Capabilities Such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Panasonic GH4

Compact Design for the Hobbyist to the Aspiring Cinematographer

Full Camera Cage to Handle the Most Popular DSLR Camera Set Ups

Fast and Simple Set Up

What We Provide

We provide one stop shopping for all of your Movi operations needs, including professional operators and all of the supporting equipment.

Equipment Rentals

We support all Movi Operations from the small, independent project all the way up to large, major studio feature films and supply all of the supporting equipment from wireless video to wireless focus control to batteries and chargers to support a full day of production.

MOVICAM Technicians

All of our Movi techs are professionally educated and trained operators and camera assistants. Our crews can operate in the toughest of conditions and perform all types of shots including running, rollerblading, and bicycling. We also provide camera assistants to support of the operators with programming/balancing to focus pulling.

Travel and Setup

All of our Movi gear and accessories travel domestically and internationally very nicely and pack into 2-3 custom built pelican style cases. Once on set, we can be set up and ready to roll in about an hour.

Equipment Rental
Movi rentals range from $500/day to $750/day. Additional, supporting equipment is extra.

Movi operators and crew day rates dependent on job and range from $500/day to $1,000/day.

We travel domestically and internationally. Travel day rates for equipment and crew is usually 50% of the crew day rates.

Ready to learn more?

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