Leading innovators in low altitude drone aerial cinematography

Aerial MOB was the first company in the U.S. to achieve FAA approval for use of drones in film production, and we are also Transport Canada approved for commercial UAS operations in Canada – we are experienced, insured, and certified to operate drones throughout North America and internationally.
Comprised of a world class group of engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and cinematographers, Aerial MOB has exclusive, strategic partnerships with companies like Panavision (US), White’s (Canada), and Corporate Helicopters.

Strategic Partners

Panavision ApprovedCorporate HelicoptersWilliam F. White International, Inc.

Featured Project: CBS Studios/Dancing with the Stars

One Continuous, 2 Minute Drone Shot

Pioneers in the development of UAS safety standards with the Motion Picture Association of America and the Federal Aviation Administration

Selected by the MPAA to lead campaign to lobby FAA for use of UAS in Film Production

Established the “gold standard” of closed set safety/operational procedures with the MPAA and the FAA

Performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a UAS

Performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a major studio

FAA and MPAA Logos

We are innovators in unmanned aerial cinematography and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology


We work with all 6 major studios and the top production companies in the industry.
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Sony Pictures
  • Universal Studios
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • Fox Studios

Partial list of our most recent credits:
  • Universal Studios – American Ninja Warrior (March 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – KONG: Skull Island (promotion) (March 2017)
  • Universal Television – Good Girls (February 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – Animal Kingdom (January 2017)
  • Disney – A Wrinkle in Time (December 2016)
  • Marvel Studios – Guardians of the Galaxy (December 2016)
  • CBS Studios – Scorpios (December 2016)
  • Universal Studios – E! Entertainment News – November 2016)
  • Freedom Film Partners – Cliffs of Freedom (November 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – CLAWS (October 2016)
  • CBS Studios – Dancing with the Stars (October 2016)
  • Universal Studios – Hairspray Live! (November 2016)
  • Paramount Pictures – Downsizing (November 2016)
  • Netflix – Bright (November 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – Time After Time (October 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – Annabelle 2 (August 2016)
  • LionsGate – The Glass Castle (New Mexico) (August 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – Blindspot (June 2016)
  • NBC – Bear Grylls Running Wild – (June 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – Roadies (June 2016)
  • Lionsgate – The Glass Castle (May 2016)
  • Warner Bros. – The Originals (April 2016)
  • Amazon TV – Hand of God (April 2016)
  • Sony Pictures – Baby Driver (April 2016)
  • MGM/Paramount Pictures – Ben Hur (March 2016)
  • CBS Sports – Super Bowl 50 (February 2016)


State of the Art UAS technology combined with the legendary, world renowned Panavision camera/lens systems.

Panavision Approved

Camera Logos

We fly a wide array of camera systems from Sony to RED Digital Cinema and Alexa Mini

Cutting Edge Aerial Cinema Systems

MOB Custom Heavy Lifter 8

Movi 15

8-rotor Heavy Lifter UAV

Mōvi Pro and Mōvi M15 Camera Stabilizer

Alexa Mini/RED Dragon/RED Epic

A Wide Array of Panavision Optics

FreeFly Alta 8

FreeFly Alta 8

8 Rotor Heavy Lifter UAV

Mōvi Pro and Mōvi M15 Camera Stabilizer

DSLR’s/RED’s/Alexa Mini’s

A wide array of lens/optics

Efficient, Smaller Aerial Cinema Systems

Inspire Aerial Cinema Package

Inspire Package

Built in 4K RAW Camera System

Two Person Operation

Full 360° Rotation with Integrated Camera System

Phantom Aerial Cinema Package

Phantom Package

Built in 4K Camera System

Single Person Operation

Integrated 3 Axis Stabilizer

Supporting Equipment

MOB Production Van

Mobile Production Carts

HD Monitors

HD Downlinks

On-set Communications Systems


Charging Stations


Remote Lens Control Systems

We fly the most cinematic camera packages to capture breathtaking aerial perspectives not possible any other way


Aerial MOB’s staff and crews include the most experienced UAS pilot’s in the industry, top DP’s and camera operators, and a technically advanced group of engineers to support it all


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Crews/Office Locations

Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Toronto

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