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Professional Aerial Drone Cinematography

Based in Southern California, Aerial MOB has offices throughout North America in key film production markets of Atlanta, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. We have exclusive, strategic partnerships with top industry leading companies like Panavision in the United States and William F. White International in Canada and are backed by experts in the fields of technology and film production.
All of our crews are professional, experienced cinematographers and members of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600, and our company has a strong reputation for delivering outstanding, breathtaking drone cinematography on some of the most technically challenging film projects.

Strategic Partners

Panavision ApprovedCorporate HelicoptersWilliam F. White International, Inc.

Featured Project: CBS Studios/Dancing with the Stars

One Continuous, 2 Minute Drone Shot

Pioneers in the development of UAS safety standards with the Motion Picture Association of America and the Federal Aviation Administration

Selected by the MPAA to lead campaign to lobby FAA for use of UAS in Film Production

Established the “gold standard” of closed set safety/operational procedures with the MPAA and the FAA

Performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a UAS

Performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a major studio

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We work with all 6 major studios and the top production companies in the industry.
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Sony Pictures
  • Universal Studios
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • Fox Studios

Partial list of our most recent credits:
  • FOX Studios – Mayans (October 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – Major Crimes (September 2017)
  • CBS Studios – No Activity (September 2017)
  • CBS Studios – Dancing with the Stars (September 2017)
  • Paramount Pictures – Bumblebee (August/September 2017)
  • WB – Castle Rock (August 2017)
  • Universal Cable – Olive Forever (July 2017)
  • HBO – Insecure (June 2017)
  • Fox Studios – Chance (June 2017)
  • Netflix – Fuller House (May 2017)
  • NBC Sports – 2017 Winter Olympics project (May 2017)
  • Netflix – Inner City (April/May 2017)
  • Paramount Pictures – Daddy’s Home 2 (April 2017)
  • Universal Cable Productions – Unsolved (March 2017)
  • CBS Studios – NCIS (March 2017)
  • Marvel Studios – Black Panther (March 2017)
  • Sony Television – SWAT (April 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – Blindspot (April 2017)
  • Universal Studios – American Ninja Warrior (March 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – KONG: Skull Island (promotion) (March 2017)
  • Universal Television – Good Girls (February 2017)
  • Warner Bros. – Animal Kingdom (January 2017)
  • Disney – A Wrinkle in Time (December 2016)
  • Marvel Studios – Guardians of the Galaxy (December 2016)

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Crews/Office Locations

Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Toronto

800.706.4MOB (4662)